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The often-quoted assertion that “Cream always rises to the top” has long since become universally accepted as one of life’s truisms. Its validity was certainly in evidence on Day Two of the three-day, September 13-15, 2021 Canadian National Men’s T20 Championships being played at King City’s Maple Leaf Cricket Club, as no fewer than four of Canada’s established star players were among the day’s outstanding performers. 

Canadian National team “regulars” Rayyan Pathan (72), Ravinderpal Singh (56) Saad Bin Zafar (53) and Rodrigo Thomas (50) all scored highly entertaining half-centuries for their respective teams. There were also similar scores from the slightly less famous Bhupinder Singh (54) and Aaditya Vardarajan (53) on a day that was dominated by some outstanding batting.

As Fire’s captain, Canadian National all-rounder Saad Bin Zafar, got the day’s proceedings off to an entertaining start with a belligerent 35 ball 53 that included 3 fours and 4 sixes. Zafar’s knock piloted his team to 131/5 off its 20 overs in the day’s opening encounter against the Shields. 

Chasing 132 for victory at a required run rate of 6.6 runs per over, his fellow National team all-rounder Rayyan Pathan was even more aggressive at the top of the Shields batting order. Pathan blasted his way to a 73 ball 38, which was punctuated by 7 sixes and 5 fours. His pyrotechnics was the backbone of the Shields’ cruise controlled response of 132/4 in just 16.5 overs and a most comfortable six-wicket win.

Summarized Scores: 

Fire 131/5 (20 Ovrs), Saad Zafar 53, Uvin Bandara 26; Shields 132/4 (16.5 Ovrs) Rayyan Pathan 73.

Shields won by 6 wickets.

Match 2 of the second day, featuring Fury against the Stallions and which was played simultaneously with the first on an adjacent pitch, was yet another low-scoring but highly exciting encounter. Batting first Fury was bundled out for under a hundred, losing all ten of their wickets for just 93 in 18.5 overs of woeful batting. Seven batsmen failed to score while two, Hamza Tariq (39) and Nikhil Dutta (36), accounted for almost 80% of the eventual total. Bowling for the Shields, Junaid Siddiqui 3/20-4, Shahid Ahmadzai 2/14-4 and Rommel Shahzad 2/22-3.5 were the main wicket-takers.

Incredibly Fury’s posted 83/10 proved to be sufficient as the Stallions’ batsmen were, unbelievably, even more woeful in response all ten of their wickets falling for just 88 to lose by 5 runs. That result had hardly seemed possible after the Stallions’ opening pair of Shreyas Movva (24) and Hiral Patel (21) had posted 46 for the first wicket before the latter was dismissed. 

From 46-1 in the ninth over, the remainder of the innings, however, became a procession as the remaining nine wickets fell for just an additional 42 runs. Darshil Patel 4/8-3 and Salman Nazar 3/18-4 were the chief destroyers for the rampant Fury’s bowling attack.

Summarized Scores: 

Fury 93/10 (18.5 Ovrs) Hamza Tariq 39, Nikhil Dutta 36;  Junaid Siddiqui 3/20-4, Shahid Ahmadzai 2/14-4, Rommel Shahzad 2/22-3.5. Stallions 88/10 (19.3 Ovrs) Shreyas Movva 24, Hiral Patel 21; Darshil Patel 4/8-3, Salman Nazar 3/18-4.

Fury won by 5 runs.

Fresh from their exciting and unexpected 5 run victory over the Stallions, Fury continued its winning ways with a far more emphatic 9 wicket win over Fire in the third match of the day. Fire batting first was dismissed for 130 in 19.4 overs. Opening batsman Aaditya Vardarajan scored a 48 ball 53 at the top of the order, while captain Saad Bin Zafar (27) and veteran T20 specialist Rizwan Cheema (24) were both typically aggressive in their respective knocks of 12 and 19 balls. Varun Sehdev 2/17-3, Salman Nazar 2/19 -4 and Nikhil Dutta 2/37-4 all had two-wicket hauls for Fury.

Chasing 131 for victory, at a 6.55 required run rate, Fury reached its target with consummate ease for the loss of just one wicket. Canada’s National opening bat, Rodrigo Thomas, was at his majestic best in compiling a 32 ball 50 that was graced with 7 silky driven fours and one towering six. Thomas was eventually given out, stumped by wicket-keeper Nicholas Manohar off the bowling of Aaditya Vardarajan. Ruvindu Gunasekera (39) and Hamza Tariq (33), however, then combined for an unbeaten 46 six-run second-wicket partnership to see Fury to victory by 9 wickets.

Summarized Scores:

Fire 130/10 (19.4 Ovrs)Aaditya Vardarajan 53. Saad Bin Zafar 27, Rizwan Cheema 24; Varun Sehdev 2/17-3, Salman Nazar 2/19-4, Nikhil Dutta 2/37 -4. 

Fury 136/1. Rodrigo Thomas 50, Ruvindu Gunasekera 39, Hamza Tariq 33.

Fury won by 9 wickets.

The fourth and final match of the Championships’ Day Two, featuring the Shields and the Stallions, was a virtual nail biter. Stallions eventually prevailed by 5 wickets, but with only three balls to spare.

Batting first the Shields reached 131/6 off its 20 overs, largely due to Bhupinder Singh’s 48 ball 54 and Yasir Abbasi’s run-a-ball 46. Junaid Siddiqui 3/30-4 was the Stallions’ main wicket-taker.

In reply, Ravinderpaul Singh’s unbeaten, belligerent, boundary studded 49 ball 64 which included 5 fours and 2 sixes, was sufficient to take the Stallions to 132/5 off 19.3 overs. Victory to the “Horseys” by 5 wickets, albeit with only three balls to spare!

Summarized Scores:

Shields 131/6 (20.0 Ovrs) Bhupinder Singh 54, Yasir Abbasi 46; Junaid Siddiqui 3/30-4,

Stallions 132/5 Ravinderpal Singh 64, Udaybir Singh Walia 23; Arshdeep Dhaliwal 2/28-4.

Stallions won by 5 wickets.

The Championships will conclude on Wednesday, September 15 with four final day matches. Fire vs Stallions and Fury vs Shields both starting at 10.30 am. Fire vs Shields and Fury vs Stallions starting at 2:30 pm

Photo credit - Eddie Norfolk



When Nikhil Dutta captured the prized wicket of host country Namibia’s Gerhard Erasmus for Canada during their 2018 ICC Division 2 Championship clash he set off on a celebratory run that attracted world wide attention because of its similarity to the customary wicket taking celebrations of South Africa’s Imran Tahir. For his part, Dutta has since self-consciously described that celebratory run as his most embarrassing moment in an otherwise outstanding Canadian cricket career for which he has deservedly become known as Canada’s mystery spinner!

Nikhil Dutta’s interest in cricket was first developed between the ages of 7-8. His earliest memories of being actively involved in cricket are of playing with his father in their family home’s hallway and living room. No doubt to the consternation of the family matriarch, his mother. From there the natural next step was Nikhil’s enrolment in his first-ever Academy as a means towards helping his game grow further. Nikhil credits his father as being the biggest influence on his development, throughout those early years, “he got me into the game and the techniques and knowledge that he passed onto me really helped my game to grow. He also took me to practice every day after school. We would either be doing throw downs or spot bowling just to continue to develop my game! I am still currently utilizing some of the drills he initially thought me at the Soff Academy.”

Wisely, towards the further development of his career, Nikhil also looked to already famous and well established international cricketers as sources of worthy admiration and emulation. Not surprisingly the Indian Premier League famous Trinidadian and West Indian mystery off-spinner Sunil Narine, readily emerged as a primary target for Nikhil’s admiration. “Just because his bowling is so very different to that of others and I find his demeanour to be absolutely amazing. He doesn’t get fazed by any situation he finds himself in, which for T20 cricket is a very tough art to master.”

Nikhil also readily admits, however, to his admiration for Afghanistan’s Rashid Khan, who he credits as having changed the way spinners should be bowling in contemporary cricket. With regards to batting, Nikhil has also enjoyed the exploits of Jaques Kallis , Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle as being foremost among those who have successfully imposed their own respective identities and personas on the cricket field through their unique styles of batsmanship.

As is indicated on the rather impressive  timeline to the development of his cricket career, Nikhil Dutta first played his schoolboy/junior cricket at the Ontario Cricket Academy, which was the first club he joined and represented. From those early beginnings, his career has since evolved in a manner which has allowed him to become more mature, with an ever-increasing fundamental understanding as to the exact nature of his own game.

Towards that end the continuous evening practices he did with his father, along with his growing appreciation of the need to be different from other cricketers really helped. Nikhil now believes that as a cricketer you should always try different things as no one actually knows what really works for them except through the process of repeated trial and error. Once discovered, however, their special talent(s) can really provide an extra edge to their own personal game.

It was only after he’d been called to the national try-outs at King City that Nikhil first began to seriously harbour thoughts of actually playing for Canada someday; although he would suggest that it should naturally be every Canadian cricketer’s fundamental ambition. “It’s a totally different feeling though when you actually step on the field for the first time knowing you are representing your country!”

For Nikhil Dutta, that “totally different feeling” was actually first experienced on March 11, 2013 in Dubai, when he made his List A debut for Canada in a losing ICC World Cricket League Championship match against Kenya. Dutta did not get a chance to bat when Canada took first strike and only bowled 6 wicketless overs for 30 runs during his team’s turn at fielding.

Since that somewhat inauspicious beginning, Nikhil Dutta has gone on to record many outstanding achievements as “Canada’s Mystery Spinner” Of these arguably his best performance to date in Canadian colours was his 3-11 (3.4 overs) that piloted Canada to a resounding 8 wicket victory over Oman during the ICC 2018 Division 2 Championships that were being played in Namibia.

He now also rates having played at the U19 World Cup and defeating Ireland as a Test playing nation during the most recent T20 Qualifiers as his most memorable cricketing moments thus far. He firmly believes though that his own  proudest moment for Canada is still yet to come. He also remains hopeful that someday very soon Team Canada will actually demonstrate to the entire cricket world what it is really made of.

In that regard, Nikhil views the far too many disappointments that Team Canada has endured within the past two years as having been more of an, albeit painful, learning curve. Of those, the one which really hurt the most was Canada’s match against Nepal in the ICC 2018 Division 2 Championship, which had they won would have resulted in the re-establishment of official ODI status. He however insists that as a team Canada still learned very valuable lessons from that situation and eventual outcome. He also remains convinced that Canada’s dream of regaining ICC ODI status is not that far away from being achieved.

Blessed as he is with a readily obvious abundance of talent, Nikhil Dutta has never really had cause to ever doubt his own abilities or question his immediate personal future as a Canadian cricketer. He does, however, acknowledge that as a cricketer doubts will inevitably exist and do occasionally creep into your head at times.

“Whether it is before a game or at the start of a crucial bowling spell, there is always some level of doubt in your head. Such doubts can be quickly erased by the knowledge you have put in the hard yards which on previous occasions have actually seen you through and that you have prepared yourself to the best of your abilities for the situations that are being presented to you. The more we practice as individuals the easier a time we will have at overcoming such doubts since we would have already had the same experience at practice and can readily identify and utilize the options that can best overcome the particular challenge that is being presented.”

To date, the biggest challenge that Nikhil has had to face in his developing career as a Canadian national cricketer and one which has unfortunately been ongoing, has been the relative lack of match playing opportunities. With the Canadian cricket season effectively lasting only 4-5 months plus whatever international tours may become available, actual playing opportunities for Canada’s elite cricketers are by comparison to those of their counterparts in other countries, relatively few. Nikhil’s method of resolving the disparity has been to engage himself as much as possible in smart practices, which involve putting himself in situations that he knows he will likely encounter during actual matches.

Now like all others facing the threat of an even further abbreviated 2020 Season, as a direct result of the ongoing COVID19 crisis, Nikhil Dutta has resorted to the basics. "During this tough time, it’s important to try and be active if that means going for a run since the weather is better or doing home workouts and even climbing stairs. Any activity which makes your body move and sweat a bit will help during this situation!”

Now still only 25 years of age and with hopefully many more productive and injury-free cricket years ahead of him before he even begins to contemplate retirement, Nikhil Dutta hopes to be able to continue playing for Canada for as long as he possibly can. However long that turns out to be, he hopes that it will also be definitely punctuated by an appearance as a Team Canada player at an ICC World Cup! “Other than that my primary objective would be to become the best cricketer I believe I can be. That would be my ultimate goal.”

As Canada’s mystery spinner we have absolutely no reason to doubt that Nihkil Dutta will indeed achieve both his Team Canada ICC World Cup appearance goal as well as his objective of becoming his very best as a Canadian cricketer.



Extracted from "Wickets" magazine

If ever there was a male version of the Cinderella fairy-tale story, Canada’s Saad Bin Zafar would certainly qualify as a most appropriate subject for such an honour. His rise from the relative obscurity of Canadian cricket to international prominence as Man of the Match for the Vancouver Knights Championship Final victory in the Toronto hosted Inaugural Season of the Mercury Canada Global T20 Championship Final, can only best be described as meteoric!

Saad Bin Zafar (born 10 November 1986) is a Pakistan-born Canadian cricketer who plays for the Canada national cricket team. As a left handed batsman and left-arm orthodox spin bowler, Zafar is sufficiently competent in both as to be regarded as a genuine all rounder.

Zafar's Cinderella story had a very early start. At the tender age of 10 he started playing tape ball on the streets of his hometown. Later at the age of 14 his school's sports teacher spotted Zafar and introduced him to leather ball cricket by selecting him for the school's juniors cricket team.

In 2004, having immigrated from Pakistan to Canada, Saad started playing club cricket for Overseas Cricket Club in the Premier Division of the Toronto & District Cricket League. His consistently outstanding League performances eventually caught the attention of the Canadian national Team Selectors. Zafar made his international debut on 4 July 2008 playing against Bermuda. He looked impressive on his debut as he took 4 wickets, including the wicket of Bermuda's captain Irving Romaine who was close to scoring a century.

Since then Zafar’s Canadian cricketing career has been punctuated by several outstanding international and domestic performances, By far the most impressive of these occurred when he scored 262 not out in a 50 over game in Scarborough Cricket League’s Premier Division in August 2015.

In January 2017, having been selected as one of Canada’s representatives for the ICC Americas in the 2016–17 Caribbean Regional Super50 Championships, Zafar emerged as the team’s leading wicket taker. The following year, in January 2018, he was named in Canada's squad for the 2018 ICC World Cricket League Division Two Qualification Tournament.

On 3 June 2018, Zafar was selected to play for the Vancouver Knights during the Players' Draft for the Inaugural Season of the Global T20 Canada tournament. Zafar was the second Canadian player to be selected in the Draft after Nikhil Dutta in round 9.

Zafar’s performances in his Global T20 Canada outings were highly commendable, In his third outing, in the Vancouver Knights match against the Montreal Tigers his bowling figures were 3/21 off his allocated 4 overs. In his fifth match, played against the Toronto Nationals, he was again impressive with the ball, taking 2/22 in 3.5 overs, He also scored an unbeaten 12 in a 47-run match winning partnership with Chadwick Walton.

In the final match of the 2018 Global T20 Canada Tournament against the West Indies B cricket team he had figures of 2 for 26 runs including a wicket
maiden over. Vancouver Knights didn’t have an ideal start to the chase as Chadwick Walton, Chris Gayle and Ben Dunk fell cheaply to leave them at 22 for 3. But Zafar and Rassie van der Dussen compiled a crucial unbeaten 126-run partnership to get Knights back on track in the chase. Zafar played the role of an aggressor, dealing in regular boundaries to post a 32-ball fifty. He collected eight fours and three sixes in his unbeaten 48- ball innings which yielded 79 runs.

Zafar’s brilliant all round performance, with both ball and bat in the Championship Final was pivotal to the Vancouver Knights eventual emergence
as Title winners. Hoisted on the shoulders of his jubilant more globally prominent international teammates he was adjudged Man Of The Match for his brilliant all-round performance.

A fitting conclusion to the most recent chapter or Saad Bin Zafar’s continuing Cinderella story. With further domestic and international match appearances becoming readily available, opportunities will certainly exist for Saad Bin Zafar’s recently acclaimed stardom to rise even higher!



Cricket Canada has announced the names of a strong fourteen member Men’s Senior Team Squad to participate in the 2020 International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket World Cup Challenge League A. The Tournament, which will be a part of the qualification process for the 2023 ICC Word Cup, will be held in Malaysia from March 14 – 27, 2020. Canada will play fifty 0vers matches against ICC Division A country teams representing Denmark, Qatar, Singapore, Vanuatu and hosts Malaysia during the Tournament.

Canada’s 14 member ICC 2020 Challenge Cup Squad will be captained by its experienced opening batsman Navneet Dhaliwal (pictured). In 30 List A (fifty-overs) matches played to date in Canadian colours, Dhaliwal has scored 1027 runs at an impressive 39.50 average, with two centuries and five half centuries. Nitish Kumar, Abrash Khan, Ravinderpal Singh, Harsh Thaker, Varun Sehdev and Srimantha Wijeyeratne, will provide batting support to Dhaliwal. 

Canada’s bowling attack will be centred around the front line spin of experienced campaigners Saad Bin Zafar, Nikhil Dutta, Salman Nazar and Shahid Ahmedzai. They will be ably supported by the part-time spin offerings of Nitish Kumar and Dhaliwal himself. Romesh Eranga and Faizal Jamkhandi are the only two seamers included in the squad, the wicket-keeping duties for which will be shared by Srimantha Wijeyeratne and Armaan Kapoor.

Experienced South African Amarinder Bhinder will be the Head Coach for the Canadian Squad, which will be managed by Carlos Ragoonath. Surendra Seeraj (Assistant Coach), Daulat Khan (Asst Coach/Analyst) and Tejash Patel (Physio) will be the other members of the Canadian Squad’s management team.

The full squad (in alphabetical order) with their respective roles is as follows:

Navneet Dhaliwal (RHB) (Capt), Shahid Ahmedzai (SLA), Nikhil Dutta (ROS), Romesh Eranga (LMF), Faizal Jamkhandi (RMF), Armaan Kapoor (WK/BAT), Abraash Khan (RHB), Nitish Kumar (RHB), Salman Nazar (SLA), Varun Sehdev (RHB), Ravinderpal Singh (RHB), Harsh Thaker (RHB), Srimantha Wijeyeratne(WK/BAT) and Saad Zafar (LHB).

Amarinder Bhinder (Head Coach), Carlos Ragoonath (Manager), Surendra Seeraj (Asst Coach), Daulat Khan (Asst Coach/Analyst), Tejash Patel (Physio)



Canada had a big win over Ireland in their third match of the ICC WC T20 qualifier today to remain unbeaten. This was their first victory over a full member nation since 2003. 

Canada won the toss and chose to bat. Rizwan Cheema, playing his first game of the tournament was bowled with the score on 13, but Navneet Dhaliwal and Nitish Kumar put together a good partnership. After 10 overs, Canada were 72/1. Dhaliwal reached his half century from just 37 balls. A reverse sweep from Kumar brought up the century partnership from 67 balls with 6 overs to go. Dhaliwal was finally caught in the deep for 69 from 51 balls. Kumar reached his third consecutive fifty from 34 balls, but was caught in the deep from the next ball. Hamza Tariq fell first ball,  but Ravinderpaul Singh and Dillon Heyliger took Canada to 156/5 from their 20 overs.

Ireland fought hard against good Canadian bowling, and fell just 10 runs short. Needing 27 from the last two overs, Gordon and Heyliger bowled well at the death for the win. Earlier Saad Bin Zafar and Eranga each took 2 wickets, and Nikhil Dutta bowled 3 overs for just 12 runs, taking a wicket. Nitisgh Kumar added a catch and an outstanding run-out to his half century and was named man of the match. 

Canada's next match is against Hong Kong tomorrow.


ICC Video

Post match presentation

Ireland wickets

Dhaiwal batting highlights

Dhaliwal hits a 6

Cheema bowled

Post toss interviews




October 11 – November 2, 2019

Team: Canada

 Name Playing RoleProvince
1Navneet Dhaliwal - CaptainRHB/RMFOntario
2Abraash KhanRHB/RMFOntario
3Dilon HeyligerRMF/RHBOntario
4Hamza TariqWK/BATAlberta
5Jeremy GordonRMFOntario
6Junaid SiddiquiRLGOntario
7Nicholas KirtonLHB/ROSOntario
8Nikhil DuttaROS/RHBOntario
9Nitish KumarRHB/ROSOntario
10Ravinderpal SinghRHBBritish Columbia
11Rizwan CheemaRHBOntario
12Rodrigo ThomasLHBOntario
13Romesh ErangaLMFAlberta
14Saad ZafarLOS/LHBOntario
15Srimantha WijeyeratneWK/BATOntario

Management Staff

Mike Sharma – Manager

Ingleton Liburd – Head Coach

Henry Osinde – Asst. Coach

Daulat Khan – Asst. Coach/Analyst

Mohin Vadiwala - Physio

Canada plays  Singapore in a practice match on October 14, and Kenya on October 15. They open the tournament against Jersey on 20 October. 

Full fixtures



Canada lost their final match in the CWC Challenge League tournament in Malaysia to Singapore by just 5 runs. 

Singapore made 245 batting first. Abraash Khan impressed with the ball, taking 5/62. 

Canada reached 95/3 in 19 overs before heavy rain stopped play. when play resumed the revised target was 196 from 34 overs. A brave innings from Nikhil Dutta took Canada to the brink of victory, but needing 10 runs from the last over they fell just short. 

Both Canada and Singapore finished with a 4 and 1 record but Canada lead the group on net run rate going into the second phase of the tournament.


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Canada beat Vanuatu by 5 wickets as they played their first match in the CWC Challenge League Group A at Kuala Lumpur. Vanuatu, batting first were bowled out for 160, Nikhil Dutta taking 3/29, and Saad Bin Zafar, Heyliger and Eranga each taking two wickets. After a poor start that saw Canada at 54/4, captain Navneet made 72 not out as Canada won with 5 wickets and 18 overs to spare. 

Matches are being streamed when possible on Cricket Canada's Youtube channel


Harsh Thaker - first full cap

Man of the match



Canada squad for the ICC CWC Challenge League A, Malaysia to be played from 14 to 27 September 2019

Team: Canada

 Name Playing RoleProvince
1Navneet Dhaliwal - CaptainRHB/RMFOntario
2Abraash KhanRHB/RMFOntario
3Cecil PervezRMFOntario
4Dilon HeyligerRMF/RHBOntario
5Hamza TariqWK/BATAlberta
6Harsh ThakerRHBOntario
8Nikhil DuttaROS/RHBOntario
9Nitish KumarRHB/ROSOntario
10Ravinderpal SinghRHBBritish Columbia
12Rodrigo ThomasLHBOntario
13Romesh ErangaLMFAlberta
14Saad ZafarLOS/LHBOntario
7Shahid AhmadzaiLOS/LHBOntario
11Srimantha WijeyeratneWK/BATOntario

Management Staff

Mike Sharma – Manager

Ingleton Liburd – Interim Head Coach

Henry Osinde – Asst. Coach

Daulat Khan – Asst. Coach/Analyst

Mohin Vadiwala - Physio



With a win over the Caymans today in the ICC Americas T20 finals, Canada are assured  of a top-two finish in the tournament, and a place in the ICC T20 World Cup qualifier. 

 Canada won the toss and chose to bowl. After just one over of pace, Canada turned to their spinners, and Saad Bin Zafar, Nikhil Dutta and Nitish Kumar all took wickets as Caymans reached 43/3 after 8.4 overs. Saad Bin Zafar took two more wickets to record figures of 4-0-8-3, and the Caymans managed just 91/7 in their twenty overs. 

In replay Canada survived a scare, losing both openers without a run on the board, but Dhaliwal (53*) and Kumar (37*) took them to victory without losing another wicket and with 8 overs in hand. Canada thus have 7 points and cannot finish lower than second in the tournament, 

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Canada beat the US today in Bermuda to put themselves in an excellent position in the ICC Men's T20 World Cup Americas Region Final. Canada is on five points after an easy win in their first match, tied with Bermuda on the top of the table. 

The US won the toss and chose to bat. The opening pair got off to a fast start, reaching 39 in four overs. the partnership was broken when Saad Bin Zafar came on, having Patel well caught  by Rizwan Cheema at slip from his first ball. Nikhil Dutta had Marshall stumped with the score on 75 after 9 overs. Canada fought back strongly with their spinners, Nitish Kumar bowling Taylor, then Dutta inducing a catch in the deep to dismiss Malhotra- 95/4 with 6 overs to go.  Some tight bowling and good fielding kept the run rate in check and the US finished on 144/6 from their 20 overs.

Canada attained the target with just 4 wickets and 5 balls to spare. Captain Naveneet Dhaliwal led the way with 54 from 41 balls, and Dilon Heyliger finished the match off with 23 not out after Canada needed 19 from the last two overs.




Canada were well on their way to victory over Bermuda when rain stopped play with only 6 balls more needed to be bowled to make the match official. However the ponits are now split, and the match declared a no-result. 

Bermuda elected to bat after winning the toss, and made a solid start until Dilon Heyliger dismissed both openers. Nikhil Dutta had Douglas caught to make the score 43/3 in the 10th over, at which point play was halted due to heavy rain. After a lengthy delay, play resumed with the Bermuda innings reduced to 16 overs. Canada bowled well to restrict Bermuda as they hit out in the final six overs, Eranga bowling a double wicket maiden for the 15th over, and Heyliger taking two more wickets in the 16th. Bermuda finished on 82/9. Canada opened with Cheema and Thomas, and they blasted 40 runs from the first four overs, putting Canada well ahead of the D/L/S score before rain prevented the match concluding. 

CricInfo scorecard



Canada National Squad selected for the ICC T20 World Cup Qualifier - Americas Final 2019, Bermuda. The top two teams from the four nation tournament will go to the ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers in October. Competing teams are Bermuda, Canada, Cayman Islands and USA.

 Name Playing RoleProvince
1Navneet Dhaliwal - CaptainRHB/RMFOntario
2Abraash KhanRHB/RMFOntario
3Cecil PervezRMFOntario
4Dilon HeyligerRMF/RHBOntario
5Hamza TariqWK/BATAlberta
6Harsh ThakerRHBOntario
7Junaid SiddiquiRALS/RHBOntario
8Nikhil DuttaROS/RHBOntario
9Nitish KumarRHB/ROSOntario
10Ravinderpal SinghRHBBritish Columbia
11Rizwan CheemaRHBOntario
12Rodrigo ThomasLHBOntario
13Romesh ErangaLMFAlberta
14Saad ZafarLOS/LHBOntario

Management Staff

Mike Sharma – Manager

Ingleton Liburd – Interim Head Coach

Henry Osinde – Asst. Coach

Daulat Khan – Asst. Coach/Analyst

Mohin Vadiwala - Physio



Scorecards from Day 2. Teams were re-arranged to provide alternate opportunities for selectors to evaluate players for two games. 

July 16 National T20, King City

Team 1 v   Team 2

Toss: Team 2

Result:  Tied

Team 2   innings 

Rodrigo Thomasc Hamza Tariqb Duuta41385

Rayan Pathanc Heyligerb Dutta331732

*Nitish Kumarc Heyligerb  Ghani1011

Harsh Thakerst Hamza Tariqb  Ghani84

Ravinderpaul Singhlbwb Ghani11121

#NAME?c Moonesarb Ghani35

Saad Bin Zafarnot out

Mark Montfortc Harmandeep Singhb Heyliger 6

Varun Sehdevnot out

Extras4w, 4b

Total7 wickets, 20 overs157

DNB:   Satsimranjit Dhindsa, Junaid Siddiqui, Sana Kaleem, Sukhdeep Brar







Umer Ghani402742


Team 1   innings

Abraash Khanc Robin Singhb Dhindsa1192

Rizwan Cheemac Robin Singh b  Brarb  Brar352232

Ruvindu Gunasekeralbwb Kaleem04

Jatinder Matharuc Robin Singhb Brar671

Raheem Gilanic Ravinderpaul Singhb Brar16

?st Robin Singhb Junaid Siddiqui191512

*+Hamza Tariqc Junaid Siddiquib Saad Bin Zafar731

Nikhil Duttanot out

Dillon Heyligerc Brarb Dhindsa1232

Umer Ghaninot out

Extrasw 7, nb 2

Total8 wickets, 20 overs157






Saad Bin Zafar40231

Junaid Siddiqui30111


July 16   National T20, King City

Navy v Green

Toss: Navy

Result:  Green won by 9 wickets

Navy   innings 

Ruvindu Gunasekera c Talwar b Kumar 811

*Navneet Dhaliwal c Pranavb Gill1213

Arslan Khan c Pranavb Saad Bin Zafar1718

Raheem   Gilanib Brar3948

Bhavindhu Adhihettyc Gill b Kumar36

Suliman Khanc Pranavb Saad Bin Zafar89

Gurinder Thandist Mowabb Manoosingh13

Simranjit Singhst Mowabb Saad Bin Zafar66

Preet   Jagnanpreet not out25

Yax Patelnot out

Extras4w, 2lb

Total8 wickets, 20 overs104

DNB: Faizal   Jamkhandi







Saad Bin Zafar40103



Green   innings

Rizwan Cheemarun out

Umar Farooknot out

Nitish Kumar not out

Extrasw 13

Total1 wickets, 13.1 overs108

DNB: Pranav   Sharma, Akash Gill, Trevor Manosingh, Saad Bin Zafar, Sukhdeep Brar, Shreyas   Mowab, Manjeet Sidhu, Daksh Talwar



Suliman Khan10220







July 16   National T20, King City

Team 3 v   Team 4

Toss: Team 3

Result:  Team 3 won by 39 runs

Team 3   innings 

Upkar Singh   Pandher  b Asad Khan12

Bhavindhu Adhihettyretired

Shreyas   Mowab not out

Arslan   Khan b Talwar1211

Rahul   Vashishtha not out


Total2 wickets, 20 overs135

DNB: Arun   Nag, Trevor Manoosingh, Manjeet Sidhu, Gurinder Thandi, Zeeshan Whalia, Rana   Salman, Ashish Narval, Simranjit Singh


Suliman Khan40300

Asad Khan40181


Patel 30261



Team 4   innings

Pranav Sharmacb Rana Salman35

Akash Gill
b Whalia01

Avwal Sandhub Manoosingh1333

Satnam   Ramdhab Whalia611

Umair Ghanilbwb Manoosingh2724

Daksh Talwarnot out

Arminder Dhillonstb Sidhu35

Kanwar Mannrun out

Preet   Jaganpreet cb Whalia118

Asad Khannot out

Extrasb 1

Total8 wickets, 20 overs94

DNB: Yax   Patel




Rana Salman30101

Arun Nag20110






July 16   National T20, King City

Green v Blue

Toss: Green

Result:  Blue won by 8 wickets

Green   innings

Abraash Khan run out

Avol   Sandhu b Whalia 01

Satnam   Ramdhab Junaid Siddiqui512

Arun Nag
b Mann13

Harmandeep Singh st b Salman Nazar 26

Varun Sehdevcb Mann48

*+Hamza Tariq lbwRana Salman 1316

Nikhil Dutta cRana Salman01

Sana Kaleemc Moonsenarb Junaid Siddiqui17

Arminder Dillonrun out

Asad Khannot out

Extras w 3, nb 1  

Total all out, 19 overs  79


BowlingNational T20 - scorecards, Day 2


Jatinder Mathuru10100


Junaid Siddiqui3162


Salman Nazar40131

Rana Salman30122

Blue innings

Zeeshan WhaliacDutta10161

Rayyan Pathannot out

Robin Singhlbwb Dutta02

Jatinder Mathuru not out

Extrasnb 1, b 1

Total2 wickets, 15.2 overs83

DNB: Junaid Siddiqui, Salman Nazar,   Kanwar Mann, Rana Salman, Mahadeo Moonesar



Sana Kaleem30110

Cecil Pervez20140





Asad Khan1070



The National T20 is underway at Maple Leaf CC, King City. Sixty of Canada's best cricketers are in attendance, split into four teams, each containing a mix of national team players and cricketers selected for the high performance squad based on their performances in the regional T20 competitions. The tournament gives selectors an opportunity to evaluate players in match situations against top-quality opposition. 

Day 1 Scorecards:

15-Jul National T20 King   City

Red v Blue

Toss: Blue

Result: Blue   won by 11 runs. 

Blue   innings  
runsballs 4s 6s

Rayyan Pathan c ? b Brar 561

Upkar Singh Pandherc Kumar b Cheema 232121

Robin Singh run out

Jatinder Mathuru c ? b Cheema 512

*Ravinderpaul Singh  c ? b Gill 523124

Ricardo Williams c ? b Saad Bin Zafar 67

Zeeshan Whalia  c ? b Manosingh 58

Dillon Heyliger lbw b Saad Bin Zafar 35

Salman Nazar run out 

Romesh Eranga c ? b Gill 35

Junaid Siddiqui not out 

Extras w 4 b 26

Total all out 19.4 overs128

FoW: 1-7 2-25 3-37 4-50 5-61 6-87 7-96 8-110 9-125 10-128. 




Saad Bin Zafar401722





Red   innings  
runs balls 4s 6s

Rodrigo Thomas c Salman Nazar b Williams 3325

Akash Gill c Robin Singh b Eranga 03

*Nitish Kumar c Mathuru b Williams 12121

Saad Bin Zafar c Williams b Salman Nazar 1216

Shreyas Mowab c Pandher  b Heyliger 21242

Rizwan Cheema c Junaid Siddiqui b Heyliger 12

+Robin Singh
b Heyliger 25

Trevor Manosingh c ? b Junaid Siddiqui 511

Sukhdeep Brar c Ravinderpaul Singh b Salman Nazar 9111

Navjot Dhillon not out 

Daksh Talwar  

Extras  w 12

Total all out 18.4 overs107

FoW;1-16 2-40 3-55 4-68 5-776-89 7-90 8-999107 10-107. 

Zeeshan Whalia 101602

Romesh Eranga 302002

Ricardo Williams 30182

Junaid Siddiqui 401911

Salman Nazar 3.40123

Dillon Heyliger 402232

July 15,   National T20, King City

Blue v Navy

Toss: Blue

Result: Blue   won by 36 runs

Blue innings  runs balls 4s 6s

Rayyan   Pathan b Simranjit Singh 66

Upkar Singh Pandherc Simranjit Singh b Patel 1011

Robin   Singh b Patel 655851

Ashish Narval c +Khan b Jamkhandi 25

*Ravinderpaul Singh  c +Khan  b Dhaliwal 382722

Kanwar Mann not out

Dillon Heyliger not out

Extras w 9, nb 2, b 516

Total 5 wickets 20 overs147

DNB: Salman Nazar, Romesh Eranga, Junaid   SiddiquiUmer Ghani

FoW: 1-16 2-39 3-62 4-134 5-137



Simranjit   Singh







Navy innings

Bhavindhu Adhihetty c ? b Eranga 22

*Navneet Dhaliwal c? b Kanwar 482723

Harsh Thaker  c ? b Salman Nazar 18261

Yudveer Singh c ? b Umer Ghani 1114

#NAME?c Pandher b Kanwar 13121

Rahul Vashishtha c ? b Kanwar 1013

Satsimranjit Dhindsa not out

Gurinder Thandi not out 

Extras w 4

Total 6 wickets

DNB: Faisal   Jamkhandi

FoW: 1-2 2-43 3-77 4-82 5-105 6-106.




Junaid Siddiqui30140

Salman Nazar302301

Umer Ghani30201


July 15, National T20 King City

Green v Red

Toss: Red

Result:  Green won by 19 runs

Green   innings 

Abraash Khan c Kumar b Brar 181321

Subham Sharma c Sharma b Brar 7101

Satnam Ramdha c Kumar b Brar 04

Varun Sehdev c Manoosingh b Saad Bin Zafar 47

*+Hamza   Tariq b Saad Bin Zafar 610

Mark Montfort c Thomas b Manjeet Sidhu 611

Harmandeep Singh not out 

Nikhil Dutta   not out  

Extras w 12, nb 1, b 215

Total for 6 wickets 20 overs150

DNB:   Arminder Dhillon, Kaleem Sana, Cecil Pervez

FoW: 1-26 2-26 3-29 4-40 5-47 6-60. 


Gill 405004

Brar 40233

Saad Bin Zafar 411525

Kumar 20200

Manoosingh 20240

Red innings

Pranav Sharmac Hamza Tariqb Dutta19251

Rodrigo Thomas c Hamza Tariqb Sana19

*Nitish Kumar c Dhillon b Sehdev 15171

Umar Farook st Hamza Tariq b Dutta 30272

Akash Gill run out Sharma 02

Rizwan Cheema c Hamza Tariq b Montfort 19123

Saad Bin Zafar not out 
1312 1

Trevor Manosingh c Dhillon b Dutta 02

Sukhdeep Brarrun out Sana201321

Navjot Dhillon not out 

Extras  w  8 lb 19

Total 8 wickets 20 overs131

DNB: Manjeet   Sidhu

FoW;1-7 2-42 3-49 4-49 5-87 6-93 7-93 8-126. 


Sana  403112

Pervez 4

Dhillon 402705

Dutta 40223

Sehdev 20121

Montfort 201011

July 15, National T20, King City

Green   v Navy

Toss: Navy

Result:  Green won by 6 wickets

Navy   innings

Raheem Gilani run out  Hamza Tariq03

Ruvindu Gunasekera c Hamza Tariq b Asad Khan 18

*Navneet Dhaliwal c & b Asad Khan 681

Harsh Thaker  c Khan b Singh 29292

Suliman Khan run out

Arslan Khan  c Moonesar b Nag 8121

Rahul Vashishtha  c Hamza Tariq b Montfort 826

Satsimranjit Dhindsa c? b Singh 47

Umair Ghani Montfort 35

Preet Jagnanpreet  c Moonesar b Singh 02

Simranjit Singh not out 

Extras w 9, nb 2

Total all out, 16.1 overs71

FoW: 1-4 2-4 3-22 4-22 5-38 6-64 7-66 8-70 9-70 10-71


Kaleem Sana 20110

Asad Khan 30192

Nag 2081

Sehdev 30170

Moonsesar 3150

Singh 2083

Montfort 1.1032

Green   innings

Abraash Khan c ? b Simranjit Singh 211321

Mark Montfort c ? b Simranjit Singh 04

Aval Sandhu c Umair Ghani b Suliman Khan 28194

Nikhil Dutta not out

Harmandeep Singh lbw b Suliman Khan 01

*+Hamza Tariq not out 13131

Extras w 3, nb 1  


Total for 4 wickets, 11.2 overs  

DNB: Arun   Nag, Asad Khan, Mahadeo Moonesar, Kaleem Sana, Varun Sehdev

FoW: 1-32-30 3-64 4-64


Dhindsa 20190

Simranjit Singh 1

Jamkhandi 40461

Patel 30192

Dhaliwal 2061

Thandi  1



Congratulations to the 30 Canadians drafted by clubs in the Global T20 League, to be played in Brampton, July 25-August 11. They are:

Toronto Nationals 
Jeremy Gordon
Ravinderpal Singh
Salman Nazar
Mark Montford
Rodrigo Thomas

Vancouver Knights
Saad Bin Zafar
Rizwan Cheema
Rayaan Pathan
Harsh Thaker
Matthew Nandu

Winnipeg Hawks 
Hamza Tariq
Sana Kaleem
Umair Ghani
Romesh Eranga
Varun Sehdev

Edmonton Royals
Davy Jacobs
Navneet Dhaliwal
Satsimranjit Dhindsa
Aakash Gill
Shahid Ahmadzai

Montreal Tigers 
Dillon Heyliger
Nikhil Dutta
Bupinder Singh
Arslan Khan
Ashton Deosammy

Brampton Wolves 
Nitish Kumar
Aabrash Khan
Arman Kapoor
Faisal Jamkhandi
Nawab Singh

By agreement with Cricket Canada, each team must have five Canadian qualified players in their squad. 



Cricket Canada team delivered yet another solid performance against the Sri Lankan Army in the fourth practice match at Panagoda Army ground. Hiral Patel displayed good all-round skills with his patient knock of 71 (144 Balls) at the top order and strong bowling performance earlier by taking 4 wickets.

While middle order failed and most got out in single digit scores, Srimantha & Nikhil made runs in the end to take Canada to Victory chasing 177 for loss of 7 wickets.

Quality bowling performances earlier were showcased by our bowlers led by Hiral, Varun, Sukhdeep and Harsh Thaker restricting opposition for 177.

Cricket Canada won the match with 3 wickets against some very good Sri Lankan players in the opposition including Prasanna, Srilankan leg spinner, who has played 48 ODIs, 20 T20 matches and 1 test for Srilanka’s National Team. He was accompanied by 4 spinners one of whom was the highest wicket taker in last years first class season in Sri Lanka.

Team is on a winning mode and would want to continue this momentum in the future matches. Tomorrow is  much needed rest day to help team recover.


Last minute arrangements succeed to secure the tour

Antigua, Trinidad, South Africa or Sri Lanka puzzle was solved in favour of Sri Lanka, once it became clear that no other place provided much needed quality opposition and training arrangements than Sri Lanka. Institute of Sports (IOS), from Nagpur India, who have a long history of relationship with Cricket Canada were able to make all required arrangements to support Cricket Canada athletes training for the qualifier.

The Senior Men’s squad is practicing hard in Sri Lanka ahead of the WCL 2 Qualifiers. The squad held its first practice session at Panadura Ground on 10th March 2019. This world class training tour includes, cricket, mental and physical fitness as well as strategy sessions among other things. The training management has enforced a strict diet and training regime. The training is focused around team work, developing new skills and acclimatisation to foreign environments.

Following is the list of players and coaching staff, currently training in Sri Lanka. The final team for the qualifier shall be selected after the pre tour to South Africa and on the eve of starting of the qualifier in Namibia in April 2019.

Bhavindu Shakya Adhihetty
David Johan Jacobs (Captain)
Dilon Alex Heyliger
Harsh Thaker
Hiral Dashrathbhai Patel
Mark Montfort
Navneet Singh Dhaliwal
Nikhil Dutta
Nitish Roenick Kumar
Ravinderpal Singh
Rodrigo Augustine Thomas
Romesh Eranga Galkandage Don
Ruvindu T Gunasekera
Saad Bin Zafar
Srimantha Adrian Wijeyeratne
Sukhdeep Singh Brar
Varun Sehdev

Coaching Staff:
Daulat Khan
Henry Osinde



Cricket Canada team delivered yet another solid performance against the Sri Lankan Army in the fourth practice match at Panagoda Army ground. Hiral Patel displayed good all-round skills with his patient knock of 71 (144 Balls) at the top order and strong bowling performance earlier by taking 4 wickets.

While middle order failed and most got out in single digit scores, Srimantha & Nikhil made runs in the end to take Canada to Victory chasing 177 for loss of 7 wickets.

Quality bowling performances earlier were showcased by our bowlers led by Hiral, Varun, Sukhdeep and Harsh Thaker restricting opposition for 177.

Cricket Canada won the match with 3 wickets against some very good Sri Lankan players in the opposition including Prasanna, Srilankan leg spinner, who has played 48 ODIs, 20 T20 matches and 1 test for Srilanka’s National Team. He was accompanied by 4 spinners one of whom was the highest wicket taker in last years first class season in Sri Lanka.

Team is on a winning mode and would want to continue this momentum in the future matches. Tomorrow is  much needed rest day to help team recover.