Updated sanction policy


The Cricket Canada board in October approved a revision to the Cricket Canada Sanction policy (originally approved in 2015). The main change was to clarify that any event or tournament run by private individuals or organizations needs to apply for sanction to Cricket Canada. Cricket Canada has the option to delegate sanction authority to the provincial member in which the event or tournament is being played. Small scale, local tournaments will likely be delegated to provincial members to sanction, but any event involving players from more than one province or country likely will need Cricket Canada sanction. 

The policy outlines the process of applying for Cricket Canada sanction; this process is designed to allow Cricket Canada to perform its due diligence in ensuring that the tournament conforms to International Cricket Council requirements for “Approved Cricket”.  The International Cricket Council requires national bodies to ensure that any event within its jurisdiction complies with their standards, designed to protect the game and its participants.

Cricket Canada is pleased to see the increasing number of opportunities for players to develop and show their skills in a competitive environment, and the policy is not designed to discourage organizations and individuals from holding such events. Those planning such tournaments should be aware, however, that due to the work required in order to conform with ICC guidelines, sanction may take some time to obtain, and organizers should apply well ahead of the planned event. 

Events that unsuccessfully apply for sanction may fall under the ICC designation of “Disapproved Cricket”. Players, officials and clubs who take part in disapproved cricket events may face disciplinary action from Cricket Canada.  Tournaments or events that fall under this classification and do not apply for sanction also risk being considered “Disapproved Cricket”, and participants run the risk of disciplinary action. 

Updated policy

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January 19, 2019