Cricket Canada Announces Board Of Directors Portfolio Assignments


!Cricket Canada’s Board of Directors Secretary, Farhan Khan, has announced the portfolio assignments for the respective board members. The assignments were decided at the first board meeting following the June 27, 2020 AGM. The full listing of the portfolio assignments is as follows (note the portfolio titles reflect the strategic objectives outlined in Cricket Canada's Strategic Plan):

 "Go Cricket" - Amjad Bajwa (supported by Rashpal Bajwa & Harjinder Dhillon) will lead the portfolio to develop National Cricket at multiple levels including grassroots, school, women's and community cricket. 

"Go Canada" - Mohammed Shaikh will lead the Media Relations portfolio that will focus on increasing Cricket Canada’s Public Relations and Social Media presence, while improving its communications, both internal and external and enhancing its brand presence. 

"Governance" - David Liverman will lead the portfolio that will focus on aligning governance and policies with the organization's vision and objectives as well as the ICC's mandate 

"High Performance" - Rasphal Bajwa will lead this portfolio to develop high performance teams that align with the key objectives and ensure strong foundations for higher performance 

"Winning Teams" - Ranjit Chaudhri will lead this portfolio with a keen focus on the performance and fitness of all teams to meet the organizational objectives 

"Robust Resources" - Charles Pais and Ingelton Liburd will lead this portfolio that will look after administrative tasks including ICC relations and team rankings. 

The inclusion of women’s cricket in Amjad Bajwa’s Go Cricket portfolio is an important development. It reflects  the  commitments  made by President Rashpal Bajwa and the new board members of the Board to those within the Canadian women's cricket community for increased attention to the  development of  women’s cricket. Towards this end the Board has also invited applications from suitable candidates for a newly created position of Women’s Cricket Coordinator

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January 19, 2019