Annual General Meeting




for the year ended Dec 31, 2019

Date of meeting: June 27-28 2020


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Corporation shall be held on June 27-28 2020, at the following location:

  • Virtual AGM 
  • Details: 

Video link information will be provided to all delegated before the start of the meeting. A setup test will be performed before the AGM date to check connections and quality of the feed. 

Cricket Canada will send out system requirements to all members, board of Directors and participants no later than 10th June 2020. Cricket Canada will coordinate a test of the connectivity with individuals no later than 19th June 2020.  

System requirements will be sent out to delegates, board members and other participants. Where necessary arrangements will be made at suitable location to optimise convenience and quality of the feed and participation of the participants. 

The meeting will be conducted in accordance with the procedures set out in the most up-to-date version of the by-laws which can be found on the website at the following: 


Cricket Canada will reimburse any costs related to local travel if necessary. If the location of the arrangements for participation is any location other than participant’s own home. 



Cricket Canada will reimburse any costs related to any accommodation if the participation is required to travel to another location, other than home town. 


You are requested to submit your Annual/Provincial reports to the Secretary and a copy to all Directors, no later than 20th June 2020  in order to allow reasonable time for preparation for the meeting.  

REQUEST MUST BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO.   Late submissions will not be distributed. 

Cricket Canada may send out certain reports for approval by circular motions for approval. All members will have the right to seek discussion in the AGM if they desire so, The resolution shall facilitate the option to seek discussion in the AGM. 

Any agenda item that’s approved in the circular motion shall be deleted from the agenda in order to facilitate an efficient and shorter AGM. 


Provinces to be represented by an alternate delegate must provide the information of their alternate delegate on a Provincial letterhead signed by the President/Secretary and should reach the General Secretary of Cricket Canada by 19th June 2020. 

Voting Privileges:

Any member which wishes to cast or claim rights to more than one vote shall submit a written statement and a list of the players with number of matches played, duly signed by the Secretary/President of the member organisation of the number of teams that have played more than 8 games in the year 2018 as per section 1.2 of the by-laws and the definition of the team described in Section 9 This statement is due on or before June 19, 2020   


The By-Laws necessitate a nomination and election process; a separate document titled “Election/Nomination process” outlining the procedures, is attached to this notice


The agenda and further details of the meeting are outlined on the document titled “AGM Agenda”, which is attached to and forms part of this notice.

Should you have any questions on matters related to the planning and execution of this AGM, please contact Ingleton Liburd, Cricket Canada’s General Manager. 

Direct phone: 647 835 9597  Email:

Amanda Pooran

Cricket Canada
Phone (647) 883-9325 

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