The Alberta Cricket Association was formed in 1882 in order to: encourage and foster the playing of cricket, Senior, Women and Junior, in the province of Alberta; bring all the cricket clubs in Alberta in touch with one another; and, affiliate with the Cricket Canada. Every cricket club in the province of Alberta is eligible for membership in the Association. The Constitution of the Association, which outlines all of these regulations.The Association is controlled and managed by a governing Board, and is to be governed by the rules of the Marylebone Cricket Club.

Cricket B.C. provides opportunities to foster and promote the sport of Cricket throughout British Columbia and Canada, which will offer opportunities for excellence at all levels of participation from recreational to international. Affiliated groups include the BC Mainland Cricket League, the Victoria and District Cricket Association, and the Vancouver Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association

Cricket Ontario (formerly the Cricket Council of Ontario – CCO) was incorporated in 2009 with the intent of uniting member leagues to work as unified body to work collectively towards growth of cricket in province of Ontario. In 2010, CCO was recognized as the official representative body to Cricket Canada from the province of Ontario. CCO represents approximately 90% of cricket playing population in Ontario. Having being incorporated for only a few years and running, CCO has become a body with a mission and vision to grow the game of Cricket, not only in Ontario but in Canada by working and uniting with other provincial bodies to help Cricket Canada and Government Sports Agencies for development and growth of game of Cricket.

Cricket NB (CNB) is a not-for-profit community organization associated with Cricket Canada, the national governing body for Cricket in Canada. CNB aims at developing talented cricketers who have aspirations to play and promote the game through an unrivalled level of coaching and competitive match play. CNB’s team focuses on passion and commitment to the game.

Any cricketer or cricket follower will know what an important role CNB has played in promoting Cricket in the Atlantic Provinces. In fact more than 30% of the entire cricket played in Atlantic Provinces takes place in New Brunswick. Our playing program features strong, competitive cricket, whilst focusing on the development of the game through our “Have-a-GO@Cricket” program for children, competing in the Atlantic Province League matches, taking part in the annual Eastern Twenty:20 Championship, and providing support to the many clubs that participate in the outdoor season, held from May to September, and the indoor season from October to April. Players of all skill levels are invited to play in the club league.

Our Mission “To Promote, grow and develop cricket in Manitoba by providing the best support for its athletes, coaches and officials”

Cricket Newfoundland and Labrador is a not-for-profit organization devoted to to encouraging, promoting and governing the game of cricket in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It was incorporated in 2010. It runs a seven club outdoor league in the St. John’s area in the summer, and indoor fall and winter leagues, as well as participating in the Eastern Canadian T20 championships.

Nova Scotia Cricket Association is the sport governing body of cricket in the province of Nova Scotia in Canada, and is an affiliate of Sport Nova Scotia and Cricket Canada.The Halifax Cricket League is currently 4 teams strong, with the fourth team being introduced due to increasing demand of membership numbers in Halifax prior to the 2013 season and as many as 80 players registered in the league.

In the Annapolis Valley region of the province cricket sprung to life in 2012 due to the efforts of committed and determined local volunteers looking to grow a membership base for social and recreational cricket. With this came the establishment of the Annapolis County Cricket Club in early 2013 based in Annapolis Royal, and became an affiliate of the NSCA in early 2014.

In recent times the Nova Scotia Cricket Association has increased efforts to develop initiatives for building junior cricket. With the distinct lack of a junior cricket structure in Halifax all of these years the need was recognized more than ever to foster the growth of kids cricket from the ground up and gather more interest from youngsters in the schools. Heavy focus has been given to visiting schools and introducing more Nova Scotian children to the cricket, while also providing their school with equipment sets and educating PE teachers about the sport.

The PEI Cricket Association is dedicated to promoting the sport and culture of cricket for the benefit of all Islanders of all ages from its base at Tea Hill Park in the Town of Stratford.

Cricket has a long and distinguished history on PEI. The Charlottetown Cricket Club, founded in 1850, was the very first sports organisation on PEI. At that time, it was common for local cricketers to take on teams of sailors from every part of the world. So popular was the game that a cricket field was deemed an essential component of the Charlottetown’s Victoria Park when the land was opened to the public in 1873. And the field saw many illustrious names play an innings or two—Henry Cundall, the owner of Beaconsfield at the time, describes in his diary that on 18 June 1884 the Prince of Wales, the future King George V, was part of a Royal Navy squad that played against Charlottetown. The last ground to be built on the Island was on behalf of former PEI Premier James Pope who opened his own pitch at Ravenwood in 1909. The popularity for the sport dwindled in the twentieth century, but cricket is back! Thanks to the generosity of the Town of Stratford, the True Sport Federation and Cricket Canada, cricket has a new home on the Island at beautiful Tea Hill Park.

Quebec Cricket Federation Inc. is affiliated with Cricket Canada, a body incorporated under the Law Of Canada, on April 1, 1968, as well as the International Cricket Conference. Quebec Cricket Federation Inc. is the sole body responsible to organize cricket in Quebec

The Saskatchewan Cricket Association (SCA) was founded in 1977.
The Saskatchewan Cricket Association is the sole body responsible for cricket in Saskatchewan, managing the rapid growth of the league and its activities in this province. Due to the explosive expansion and increased interest in the sport of Cricket in Saskatchewan, the SCA is willing to engage communities and facilitate as required.

Cricket has a long history in Saskatchewan. From the early settlers to the players today, Cricket has remained an integral part of this province. SCA members proudly carry the torch of Saskatchewan’s sporting history.