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Message from the President

Cricket Canada is a growing organisation and in constant need of additional resources to support athlete training, competitions and infrastructure development. Canada is a huge country and the travel costs related to stage better quality competitions are higher than any other country. Government support is minimal due to the fact that Cricket is still not part of the multi-sport events such as Commonwealth Games, Olympics etc. We seek funding support from individuals and businesses to bridge the gap between our needs and what is currently available.

We are looking for Donors to help fund Cricket Canada. And in return for donation, we are happy to offer advertising opportunities within our teams throughout the season and/or also provide donation receipts. We are so grateful for what our donors just like you have helped us accomplish over the years. From funding our senior mens team to helping us with various Kid’s programs and so much more, we are immensely thankful to our past, present and future donors.

We understand that you have several choices when considering different community donation and outreach opportunities, but we truly believe that this is a great fit. If you want something a little more customized in return for your donation, we are very open to your ideas. We hope you are able to contribute and thank you for the consideration. To make a contribution, simply click on the Donation link and send us an email to

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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