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Cricket Canada to launch its Central Sport Management Portal

As the eventful year of 2018 comes to an end, Cricket Canada is ready to welcome 2019 with the launch of its own central Scoring/Player management Portal. The pilot mode of the portal has been under test for some time now and will be finally ready to be used in the coming year. It will be a central portal capturing the relevant player details, statistics and scores for all Cricket matches, being played at National and Provincial levels.
While this will be one point data bank for all the Cricket that is being played in Canada, plan is to also have all the provincial, club and league matches registered, thus managing country wide player statistics and performances. The launch of phase two of the portal will have all the player performances including the performances of our Canadian players playing internationally. This will indeed be a major technological breakthrough to monitor all the development of Cricket in Canada and will be a very useful tool for our coaches and National selectors.
CC promotes the usage of this portal and seeks equal participation of all the provincial bodies.


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