Coach Certification

Coach Certification

Coach Certification

Coaching is the key in any sport for the development of it and Cricket Canada understands the value of it. In it’s vision for the future of cricket, Cricket Canada has implemented a Coach certification program. This helps in creating more and more qualified coaches who can build the future. This certification training has been planned by Cricket Canada in association with National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and maintaining guidelines given by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

There are four stages in order to get the certificate.


  • CC kids program


In the first stage interested participants have to work with kids. They would need to have a training with the players who are enrolled in Cricket Canada kids program. Their main task is to make ethical decision with regards to game and player development.

This helps coaches identify the legal, ethical, and moral implications of difficult situations that present themselves in the world of team and individual sport. Once they do this successfully they will move on to the second stage.


  1. Competition Introduction

The second stage is the Level 1 coaching training made by ICC. During the course they plan a practice session in which they have to teach the basics of the sport. It is always important for a coach to learn the new techniques and areas of the sport.  The evaluation of the the course is done after an online exam of the MED, building a portfolio and the observation of the training session by the officials.


  1. Competition Development

The third stage which is Level 2 training of ICC is the most important and critical stage of the certification program. Along with MED and planning a training session, the participant has to design a basic sport program, manage conflicting situations,  lead drug free sport, understand the psychology of the players and its impact on the performance. There is a difference between coaching and coaching effectively which they try to learn at this stage. They also have to prevent a potential injury and if any player has an injury then the coach has to make plans for the recovery. The participant has to also focus on developing player’s athletic ability. Not every player is born athletic or there might be some areas where they need to improve. The participant has to identify those areas and work on it and plan performances. Advance practice planning is an asset and it is developed at this stage. The coach will have to manage a sports program on its own and run it successfully. The evaluation is done on the basis of online exam of MED, Managing Conflict, and Leading Drug Free sport. The portfolio of the coach has to be build up. The officials observe the training sessions and the competitions for evaluation.


  1. Competition Development Advanced/High Performance

This is the last stage of the Coach certification program where the participants get Advanced coaching diploma and mentorship. The further process is yet to be determined by the NCCP. The evaluation is done on the basis of online exam of MED and Advanced Coaching Diploma assessment. The further evaluation will be declared after the process is determined.