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Alberta Cricket Association

For Immediate Release:

(Dec 8, 2018)

Cricket Canada wishes to inform the members and its supporters about recent claims that were made concerning Alberta Cricket Association (ACA) being struck from the Alberta Corporate Registries and deemed to cease to carry on business in the Province of Alberta. These claims as per recent proof provided are updated and confirmed that ACA had never lost its Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) status and remains in active control of Cricket in Alberta.

ACA has updated their records and their official registration status with Alberta Sport connection has been revived. Please note that a PSO status is not a requirement to be a member of Cricket Canada. To the contrary membership in Cricket Canada (NSO) is a requirement to become a PSO in many provincial jurisdictions across the country. In this particular case ACA never lost its PSO status and has corrected it’s non for profit registration status.  Also there have been no withdrawal notices from any of its active members, and as a measure of control; written confirmations from all Alberta cricket members, its affiliated Associations has been obtained to further confirm this status.

To provide further context on the issue, after ACA’s AGM earlier in June 2018, a list of new executives along with 2017 financial statements were sent to Alberta Registries in order to make public representations. ACA received a letter in response, informing that ACA had been struck due to non-filing the Financial Statements from 2013-2017. This came as a surprise to new executives as in April 2017, a past executive had confirmed in an email that all Alberta sports and society documentation was up-to-date and had been notified with the address and new executive changes. Upon further investigation it was confirmed that all of the Societies mail was sent to the aforementioned past executives address, and none of the mail was sent back to Alberta Societies, considering this as a mail fraud, ACA made an inquiry with legal authorities after which they were advised to collect evidences and motive behind this. As the motive was never found, executives at ACA started gathering the financial documents instead as per the request of Sports Alberta.

Furthermore, ACA has been in compliance and has respected all Cricket Canada policies and is focused on promoting its players and the game. While, there have been serious attempts to disrepute ACA, and cause serious harm to the organization, Cricket Canada appreciates and supports efforts made by ACA to deal with its challenges and help growing the game of cricket in the province of Alberta.

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